Dynamics 365 Security Setup & Configuration

Security Setup – extension to Microsoft Dynamics 365 FSCM that helps builds security access to the end users in an easy and understandable way. By creating precise Dynamics 365 security roles, you are drastically limiting the license number.

Why do you need automated Security Setup for Dynamics 365

Standard role definition in Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives users two options. Either to create roles based on task recordings and assign them manually or use standard roles combination and add/ remove privileges when need be. Both approaches are not only highly ineffective but also very time-consuming. They might also not necessarily be 100% accurate with regards to licensing Dynamics 365 security roles.

Security Setup enables you to convert real business processes into Duties/ Roles. Through recording those processes with Executive Automats, your business users can generate up to 90% of necessary Dynamics 365 security roles (permissions).

Instead of 300 entrypoints for your users, you might only need to assign 30.
With Security Setup tool, you go down to 10% of what you should give, comparing to what you normally give as per standard Microsoft licensing.

What you gain from Security Setup for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Security Setup is a tool that addresses security role creation. The aim of the tool is to optimize and facilitate the role creation process across the organization and business areas in which Microsoft Dynamics 365 FSCM is used on a daily basis. It gives you custom Security Setup for each role (each business user and their position) within the organization.

Due to the fact that Security Setup allows an optimized role creation process:
minimizes the license costs
simplifies the UI
facilitates onboarding and training new users
speeds up delivery of new roles for new positions
gives grounds for SOD approach
mitigates the risk of data fraud

How to use Security Setup for Dynamics 365 security roles

With Security Setup, you can easily extract business process, record them, convertthem into specific roles and assign them to each business user.

For those who already use Executive Automats, you can use either the task recordings ortest scripts from the existing database. Use Security Setup as a highlyefficient and cost-saving by-product for enhancing your business processes.

1 step

Extract processes and record them with Task REcorder or via Executive Automats

Process #4
Process #5
Process #6
Process #7

2 step

Build roles with SSW per each position or add onto existing duties



Assign the roles and check security compliance with automated security suite or manually



Rework the roles with more objects in case tests detect gaps


Security Setup functionalities – learn the ropes of your Dynamics 365 security roles creation

Detailed security creation:
create precise Security Setup with the sufficient number of entry points. Business processes are converted into security duties. Then, the created duties are combined into security roles. Finally, the role is applied to the business user.
General security creation:
the business processes are mapped onto security roles. The roles are applied to the users based on the standard system privileges. This way, you fill the gaps found in the business processes recordings to make them more effective. The number of entry points allocated per users gets significantly reduced.
Extension of existing Security Setup:
extend existing security roles with new functionalities. Also, new Microsoft privileges can also be applied the same way onto each role duty.
Fraud analysis:
with Security Analysis Module, you can cross-check and cross-examine parallel roles, duties and privileges to makes sure that users do not perform any prohibited actions in the system. This prevents any potential threat of data breach or data theft.
Deep level security:
granting code permissions related to specific objects within the system (e.g. margin info), thus restricting access/ increasing system security (second level granularity). In order to further restrict, for example a visibility of certain value range in the fields, you can then use XDS tool.
Integration with other functionalities
you can extract security from individual objects, specific paths or task recordings other than business processes. You can also pull RSAT recordings if needed to build context for security configuration within MS Dynamics 365.
Easy deployment:
Security Setup implementation process is very straightforward. It can be deployed anywhere – MS Dynamics 365, DevOps, UATs, etc.

Build your security roles in Dynamics 365 with confidence in no time

With Security Setup, you are saving time browsing the visual studio and searching the system to understand what you need to create and publish a specific role. You see the required actions and the whole context necessary for a confirmation.

If you want to understand even broader context and all entry point embedded on the confirmation page, you can also view permissions for each duty/ role and add selected entry points onto the created process.

You can also use Security Setup as support for the most recent licensing model from Microsoft. Re-modify and extend the existing Security Setup to change or amend your current Dynamics 365 security roles.

Within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance or SCM, you can extract reports regarding license roles, however they are quite basic, don’t give precise information and are therefore not 100% reliable. Therefore, licensing has become quite challenging to estimate.

In Security Setup both the Dynamics 365 security roles creation as well as reporting and analytics is a piece of cake. You can use Security Analysis, Security Licenses or Security Category (a role aggregation function). The Licensing Summary will show you detailed analytics and reports regarding your current business users, their position details and licensing costs.

Dynamics 365

  • Entry point recognition based on task recording limited to display items
  • No comparison reports
  • Code permissions are not covered
  • Table permissions are not covered

Security Setup

  • Entrypoint recognition along withaction items and outputs
  • Table permissions identification
  • Code permissions extraction
  • License level counter
  • Security access reports
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