Dynamics 365 Performance Testing Tool

Executive Automats' advanced features will help you speed up performance testing even in highly customized and integrated environments.

Why you should not skip performance testing

Performance testing is a crucial quality indicator when it comes to real-time system behavior. It shows if system users can perform tasks in the most demanding areas and situations, therefore it has to be. With Executive Automats, you see real savings for your performance testing projects in short and long run. We can tailor the test suites exactly to your needs and business requirements so that with each new implementation or roll-out, we can deliver standardized versions.

What you gain from performance testing

When we talk about complex and extensive systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, performance testing allows you to solve your problems around:

Workload management
Other systems integration
Application fault tolerance
Data processing performance and concurrency
Performance related to shared resources

Performance testing with Executive Automats

Generally speaking, performance testing is understood as a superset that covers various types of testing activities:

  • Endurance testing

    used to check if and how the application performs under anticipated user loads in the long time.

  • Load testing

    checks the system by constant and steady increase of the system load with the aim to identify the system threshold of a break

  • Stress testing

    checking the stability of a system by testing beyond the system bandwidth capacity. The aim is to identify how the system behaved under intense loads and how it recovers from failure.

  • Spike testing

    can be viewed as a subset of stress testing: it verifies how the system reacts to load spikes (sudden and large data flows resulting from users' activities).

  • Scalability testing

    determining the system efficiency when scaling up to cover the increase in the user load.

  • Volume testing

    analyzes system performance with a certain amount of data, e.g. a database or an interface size.

Rule of thumb – when should you run performance tests?

The decision when to test your Microsoft Dynamics 365 (FSCM) is strictly related to the primary goal of your testing. Mind you, setting the standard and benchmark for a given application that should be met during performance testing is a crucial task. Tests have to be performed very scrupulously so that the performance of the system is closely monitored. Having this in mind, let’s see when it’s best to run performance test:

Scenarios where you need to run performance tests:

  • Before the go-live stage

    Regardless of whether you are hopping onto Microsoft Dynamics 365 FSCM from an older version (AX 2009, 2012) or your company is just about to implement the system, performance testing should be considered a priority. When the system load gradually gets bigger and the number of concurrent users gets higher– as is the case before the go-live stage – the best practice is to run several user sessions in various roles and locations and check the system performance afterwards. Similarly, if your business is expanding, with every new roll-out, performance testing is recommended.

  • After the go-live stage

    When the system is already implemented, you still need to run performance tests, e.g whenever a system update happens. This is simply because this may have affected the critical business processes. Similarly, you would like to make sure that for any events outside of BAU (business as usual) such a Black Friday or Cyber Monday (when one observes an increase in system load) your system is bulletproof and able to perform a higher number of tasks with no risk of failure.

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Performance testing – the force of numbers

With Executive Automats, you get close to real system stress simulations in minutes when executing your performance testing. Let’s look at some numbers:

  • You can mimic 100’s of real users run performance tests scenarios

  • Up to 100,000 – this is how many scripts we run monthly in one testing project

  • 3 minutes – this is an average time to create and run a simple automated test

  • A FEW HOURS – time to complete from scratch a performance test project

  • UNLIMITED number of robots that you can with scalable infrastructure

this is how
much time
you save when it comes to actual testing as compared with other automatic tools
this is the
minimum test
for end-to-end business processes within a company
this is the how
many manual
test cases
can be converted to automated ones using Executive Automats
no-code testing
Recorder, Player and Script editor require zero coding experience

Executive Automats functionalities – learn the ropes of your
regression testing

Our testing tool – Executive Automats – allows exact measurement of all important elements related to both the user experience as well as your system resources.

Invest less money and resources into performance testing with an automated testing framework that you can customize to your specific business needs:

Advanced Recorder

Executive Automats allows very practical test recordings. Contrary to other automated testing tools, with Advanced Recorder you can introduce any modifications on the fly, without the need to play back the recording for verification. This results in improved efficiency of your performance testing.

User roles

within the test platform, you are able to set up individual user environments (also virtual users’ profiles), projects and assign roles for users so that their access to certain features, scripts or projects is limited. This greatly enhances the results of performance test projects.

Process documentation creator

creating and updating business process documentation has never been easier. Every test script is based on an actual business process. That is why you can easily extract and prepare business process documentation and document your performance test runs if needed.

Full and secure integration with Azure DevOps

Executive Automats gives you a possibility to execute performance tests automatically via Azure DevOps and integrate the testing solution with other platforms via internal API. You can also create Azure DevOps Tasks in case of any test issues or based on test results for improved performance test plan management and wider test coverage. For selected performance test issues, you can set up specific e-mail notifications.

Find the bottlenecks with Executive Automats performance testing

Performance testing with the use of Executive Automats is a great helping hand for complex ERP systems (here, we are mainly talking about Microsoft Dynamics 365 FSCM). You can find the most common bottlenecks and:

  1. 1.
    pinpoint places where data flow is interrupted or comes to a halt
  2. 2.
    find the weakest link – a place in the system with the lowest efficiency
  3. 3.
    improve the system’s performance where and when it requires the most critical actions
  4. 4.
    easily plan different performance test scenarios in a limited time
  5. 5.
    get exact measurements of the process (time and step)

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