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    Leveraging the Executive Automats application enables our clients to streamline the testing process related to the regular mandatory updates for their Dynamics 365 solutions.
    We've empowered business users to excel in efficient test automation and process documentation using Executive Automats. EA has helped us eliminate repetitive manual tests, saving significant time during both implementation and releases.

    We have leaned on Executive Automats' platform and expertise to help deliver superb results for our clients for both Regression and Performance testing throughout our projects. Their easy to use platform has allowed our clients to save countless hours over the course of the year, as well as being able to easily mitigate any performance concerns prior to production environments being procured. 

    We appreciate the partnership with XPLUS who is one of our long-term strategic partners delivering high quality solutions for test automation (EA). The cooperation is both based on trust and reliable solutions.



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Dynamics 365 Test Automation

All-round Dynamics 365 testing suite, protecting your critical business processes from day one.


Integrate with
Azure DevOps


Create and
maintain 100s of
scripts seamlessly


Test workflows
and security


test suite


detailed test


Manage your test
plans and ensure

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Custom security roles projects take long and are very expensive – why not speed it up 5-10x and save a lot of money with EA: Security Setup

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Investigate what users do in the system. Monitor parts of the system that contain sensitive data. Generate reports.

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Data anonymization for being compliant with GDPR/PII regulations is a pain but it’s also a necessity – why not use a tool designed for that?


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Leveraging advanced industry and technical expertise with leading-edge technologies, Thinkmax implements efficient and innovative solutions, streamlining business processes, unifying digital experiences, and accelerating transformative change.  Thinkmax is a Microsoft Business.

With our thought leadership, we bring innovative ideas to solve business problems, leveraging Microsoft Business Applications and Azure Stack of Solutions and Services. Our comprehensive approach includes implementation, testing, and support to ensure success. We work primarily in the Agriculture, Manufacturing, Services, and FMCG sectors across Europe, North America, and globally.
At Bizsystems, we are driven by a passion for excellence in software testing. With an in-depth understanding of Microsoft Dynamics 365, we have honed our skills in the complex landscape of Microsoft Dynamics 365 testing to offer unparalleled testing services tailored to your unique business needs.
One of our key differentiators is our strategic use of Test Automation. By employing best of breed automation tools specifically designed for Dynamics 365 applications, we optimize the testing process, reduce effort, and enhance the overall quality of testing outcomes. This approach results in faster feedback and improved software reliability.
MCA Connect is a 13x Microsoft Partner of the Year that helps manufacturers modernize operations with Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. Through strategic solutions and industry intelligence, we enable discrete, process, lean, and project-based manufacturers to solve critical business issues and gain a competitive edge. Our clients primarily operate in the U.S.
Arineo is a Microsoft Inner Circle and a full stack Solutions Partner for D365 Business Applications focusing on Manufacturing, Retail (incl. eCommerce) and Professional Service Industries. Next to ERP and CRM we support our customers on their digital transformation journey with solutions based on the Microsoft Power Platform and AI technology such as Copilot
We specialize in Microsoft technologies, focusing on implementing D365 for medium-sized companies using our agile methodology, Rödl EVOLVE®. Our support extends to retail, e-commerce, and service sectors, aiding digital transformation. We operate in diverse industries, helping businesses digitize operations and integrate them into existing IT landscapes, all built on the Microsoft Technology Stack
Engage provide independent advice and specialist support to fully utilize the value of our customer´s investment. For large and Enterprise companies we have Nordic Microsoft Dynamics experts with global reach, Customer Centric advisors and specialists for business-critical processes as well as Packaged Services within the complete Application Lifecycle
6x Inner Circle Partner specialized in D365 F&O implementations for clients in various industries (Food, Pharma, Manufacturing, Agri & Fresh, Chemicals …) operating across Europe in countries such as Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden.
Smooth Business is your trusted partner for seamless ERP transformations. We specialize in large-scale ERP projects, harnessing the expertise of our application specialists and cutting-edge test automation tools. Our methodical approach encompasses both automated and manual IT testing, ensuring your business processes run effortlessly and flawlessly, every step of the way.
DevElite wants to get the best out of your ERP landscape by avoiding custom coding.
The mission of Caspera Management Consulting is to support enterprises implementing strategic changes. We are focusing on large ERP implementations such as Dynamics365 and offer competences in e.g. program-, project- and test management.
    We highly value Executive Automats for its innovative strength, efficient implementation of complex projects, and the flexibility of its tool. Our partnership has proven exceptionally fruitful as we collaboratively develop top-tier solutions for challenging projects
    Having performed multiple D365 performance-test assignment, using EA as preferred tool, we see the benefit of speeding up the performance testing in time for Go-live. EA is an easy to use solution and provides high quality
    Executive Automats helps us (and our customers) to make a difference in handling regression testing. Moving the testing workload away from business users speeds up the introduction of new releases with a high quality.
    Smooth Business is thrilled to share our enthusiasm for the exceptional test automation tool, "Executive AutomatS", offered by XPLUS. This invaluable tool streamlines regression testing for D365 F&O and regular system testing, making it easier for companies to adapt to Microsoft's continuous upgrades while relying on Xplus as a reliable and trustworthy partner.

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    Smooth Business
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XPLUS has 21+ years of experience implementing D365/Axapta. We've been able to understand the implementation and maintenance needs across test automation on various grounds. Therefore, all the functionalities within Executive Automats are ideally tailored to each customer using D365FO.

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