Dynamics 365 Test Automation Tool Checklist

Check how Executive Automats helps to provide different values expected from a decent test automation solution.

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Created for MS Dynamics 365 testing
  • Supports MS Dynamics 365 FO & CRM
  • Yes.   Product is following D365 updates (new button and controls)
  • Supports other Dynamics 365 family products
  • Yes.   Supports, CPOS, Retail, Talents, Business Central and others.
  • Certified by Microsoft as the official D365 FO Add-in
  • Yes.   Available at AppSource and Azure Marketplace
Integration testing capabilitites
  • Supports web-based cross-platform testing
  • Yes.   Anything that is opened in webbrowser may be tested.
  • Supports desktop and legacy apps integration testing
  • Yes.   Integration through Power Automate connector (UiFlow)
Main Features
  • 100% codeless Recorder
  • Yes.   Allows some scripts modifications already during recording
  • 100% codeless Script (Test case) editor
  • Yes.   100% zero-coding experience.
  • 100% codeless Player
  • Yes.   Allows to play script in foreground and background.
  • Reporting module included in the tool
  • Yes.   Including dashboards and detailed reports
  • Scheduler to plan test runs in groups
  • Yes.   Allows to easily orchestate number of test plans
  • Project management to manage large projects
  • Yes.    Must have for large projects and nice to have for small
  • Internal security model to manage testing team access
  • Yes.   Manage your team and grant necessary access rights.
Delivery & Installation
  • May be installed or provided as a hosted service (SaaS or TAaaS)
  • Yes.   MS Partners may provide Test Automation as a Service
  • Installation is standardized (when installation needed)
  • Yes.   Installation takes ~2 hours.
Effectiveness – easiness in use  & time to adopt
  • May be used by business people to record real processes
  • Yes.   Designed for this purpose.
  • Does not require technical skills to create and maintaint test script
  • Yes.   All functions and features are 100% code-less
Effectiveness – test case reusability
  • Allows to modify scripts easily
  • Yes.   Anything created may be fully modified, fast and anytime.
  • Allows to joins scripts into scenarios with variables
  • Yes.   Scripts may be easily jointed by variables as puzzles.
  • Allows to copy steps and scripts between scripts and scenarios
  • Yes.   Anything created may be easily reused with a few clicks
  • Allows to easily change virtual user or test environment
  • Yes.   Supports user login steps and swift chenge of tested environment
Effectiveness – usability benachmark
  • Average time needed to create automated test case (test script)
  • From 2 to 10 minutes (depends on complexity)
  • Average time to create test scenario (from test cases)
  • From 2 to 15 minutes (depends on the scenario complexity)
  • Average time needed to modify existing test script or scenario
  • Average of 15% of script or scenario creation time
  • Manual to automated test coverage accesibility
  • Up to 80% of manual test cases may be usualy automated
Usability (testing features)
  • Supports multiple variables within one scrips
  • Yes.   Variables number is not limited within a script.
  • Supports Excel data source and loops to iterate different data sets
  • Yes.   With a support to different tabs within the Enxcel file
  • Supports happy path testing
  • Yes.   All system notifications are reported.
  • Supports negative testing
  • Yes.   Provides advanced negative testing with status overrides.
  • Supports no-code validations and conditionals
  • Yes.   Provides advanced valiadations and conditional steps
  • Supports project rollouts
  • Yes.   Scripts may be easily moved to test another entity (different language)
Incorporation into Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem
  • Microsoft Azure DevOps integration
  • Yes.   Native. Including Pipelines, Bugs creation and Test Plans
  • Allows to adopt with flexible Testing framework
  • Yes.   Framework designed for use in D365 upgrades projects.
  • Allows to start already in AX2012
  • Yes.   Another distribution of EA works with AX2012 and AX2009
Other values
  • Business process documentation creation
  • Yes.   Any recording may be recreated into business process documentation
  • Support for performance testing
  • Yes.   Scripts may be ran in 100’s of parralel sessions to provoke system stress
Others & licensing
  • Provided with functional support
  • Yes.   Trainings, full user manual, tutorial videos and live support lines
  • Provided with technical support
  • Yes.   Supported with Jira Service Desk.
  • SLA service agreement
  • Yes.   Optional. Up to 2 hours reaction times in 24/7 plan.

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