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Dynamics 365 F&SCM

performance tests as the basis for the decision to
migrate applications from on-premises to Cloud

Our customer is one of the leading furniture market companies operating in the CEE.


The company consists of 8 MODERN PRODUCTION PLANTS.

500,000 m²

THE TOTAL FLOOR AREA OF THE FACILITIES is over 500,000 m², which is the size of 70 football grounds.

2.000 people

THE TOTAL FLOOR AREA OF THE FACILITIES is over 500,000 m², which is the size of 70 football grounds.

To increase the efficiency of operations carried out in the company, and thus optimize its business processes, it was necessary to challenge possible performance improvements coming with Dynamics 365 F&SCM application migration from on-premises infrastructure to Azure Cloud. The enterprise planned to verify the application interface performance (response time) and the database load in the on-premises and Cloud (Sandbox T5) test environment.

Project goals

The main goal was to simulate the production application in the Sandbox T5 (Cloud) environment. It made it possible to verify whether the efficiency of business processes will increase in the cloud environment (load similar to production) in comparison to on-premise infrastructure.


application interface response times


batch lead times (especially MRP – Master Resource Planning)


application interface response times

The statement of the higher performance of the T5 environment – scaled to the target Cloud production environment – was the basis for the decision to move the production environment to the cloud.

Implementation phases

Identification of representative business processes. Preparation of robots implementing these processes in the application.

Initiation of task scheduler for robots, on a scale that reflects the actual traffic within the customer’s application - Dynamics 365 F & SCM.

Running schedules in an on-premises test environment and measuring performance.

Measurement of the average response time of the user interface (performance).

Comparison of the results Comparison of the results and establish conclusions.

The scope of the project included:

simulation of 45 business processes: 1960 scripts within 60 minutes (Shift)
simulation of 23 business processes: 1000 scripts within 30 minutes (Backshift)
simulation of 12 business processes: 240 scripts within 40 minutes (Night shift).
Cloud solution up to 40% more efficient

Than the on permise solution

Project results

Based on the tests, it was found that the user interface works faster in the Cloud environment. The same goes for the average response time in general and the individual departments of the company: Production, Logistics, Sales, Purchases, Accounting.
After analyzing the collected measurements, it was found that Cloud is 15-40% more efficient than the on-premise solution (depending on the given scenario). The obtained results made it easier for the customer to decide to migrate Dynamics 365 application to the cloud.
Executive Automats is a cross-platform regression testing tool. Designed by Gold Microsoft Partner and enhanced since 2013, created to increase MS Dynamics AX/365/CRM deployments speed, expand testing quality and accuracy. The platform helps secure core business processes from failures under continuous software development lifecycle and application updates.

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